Stockholm at Dawn


Off across the sea, where we went together
Where no man had dared to go before
My doubts swirling in dark clouds
Slowly broken into magnificent beams

Where I needn’t send you a picture
Or coordinate our time zones
Because by my side you were, you are
Unafraid, anchoring the spinning world.

My bluebird, my eager wanderer
Taking what once was complicated
And simplifying — magnifying
Painting strokes so beautiful, so secret, so calm.

We never know when we know
Except we knew
Through an understanding that never contorts
Never cowers, never invades.

They think of dawn as the beginning
But it’s what comes after night
It’s the light that signals survival
Awakening, inviting, unashamed

It’s what brings me into a better day
Where my night fevers evaporate
Into the sky that sees us across continents
The sky that covers us in each other’s arms